Richard Jäger Dear Neupanater countrymen and friends of Neupanat,

Welcome, in the name of HOG Neupanat, to our Homepage!

I am delighted that you are interested in the history, genealogy, folklore and dialect of our former homeland.

HOG Neupanat was founded in 1985 and is part of the folk community of the Banat Swabians. Well over 1500 Neupanaters now live in Germany, but there are also several in Austria, the USA and Canada. Currently, there are only 20 Germans still living in Neupanat.

Despite the distances involved, our community continues to thrive across Germany and, indeed, the whole world (Austria, USA, Canada, Neupanat). But we must be realistic and realise that the dispersal of our generation, the generation that was born in Neupanat, lived there and subsequently moved away from there, has sounded the death-knell for our community. Most Neupanaters have now been in Germany, Austria, USA and Canada for the last twenty years, or more, and have built for themselves a new life (career, home, friends etc).

Nevertheless, there is still hope for the future and the internet will be able to play a large part in keeping alive our centuries old community, customs and traditions.

But I don't want to forget to thank all those involved in our native country community (HOG) and all who take part in our organisation, as well as everyone who supports us with their donations.

Long may we work together!

Affectionately yours,

Richard S. Jaeger
Chairman of HOG Neupanat

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